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UPDATED Dec 31, 2017

Spironolactone is also sold as the drug Aldactone.

Spironolactone/Aldactone is NOT a testosterone blocker, NOT an anti-androgen. Regardless of what you may read on other TG/TS web sites and regardless of how much the people of TG/TS communities have banded together to convince each other and their doctors that it might be.

One of the side effects of large dosage Spironolactone/Aldactone usage, is that it blocks – clogs up – testosterone receptor sites on cells.

Spironolactone has never been labratory-tested — researched — in any way as a testosterone blocker.

There is a LOT of junk science on the internet regarding transgender issues. And FAR too much of this junk science is copy-pasted from one TG/TS web site to another, resulting in lot of places then saying the same thing. Which gives that junk science the appearance of creditability; of seeming  factual and credible.

The TRUTH is that spironolactone is a potassium-sparing diuretic. It was created to help medical management of Congestive Heart Failure. Its designed function is to strip water from the human body, while leaving potassium in place.

Taking higher doses of Spironolactone than recommended. and for a use for which it was never  intended, increases the chances of other the undesirable side effects. Some of these side effects can be very dangerous, including but not limited to dehydration and potassium overload

Please go to http://www.drugs.com/spironolactone.html

… and be certain to read past — to skip over — the “Goggle Ad” sections, and read all the way to the bottom of that page.

Not convinced yet?
Need more evidence?
Go to http://www.rxlist.com/aldactone-drug.htm#

People taking Spironolactone need to also be drinking at least two liters of water daily or more, in order to avoid the high risk of dehydration and its symptoms.

Dehydration symptoms include:

muscle cramps,
heart palpitations,and/or a “pounding”, heavy heart beat sensation
nausea and vomiting,
and other symptoms,

In addition, excessive – high dosage – Spironolactone usage brings the risk potassium overdose/overload, which can fatally damage the kidneys.

A potassium overdose or overload will cause Hyperkalemia.

Symptoms of hyperkalemia include decreased blood pressure, stomach cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, irritability and fatigue. An irregular heart beat can occur when the muscles and nerves begin to malfunction. Some people report a tingling sensation in the hands, feet and tongue.

Kidney damage and failure
heart palpitations,
stomach cramps,
muscle spasms,
slow, weak pulse,
heart failure.

Using Spironolactone is also a HUGE problem for people who use other doctor-prescribed drugs, especially potassium supplements. There are a significant number of people in the trans communities, who are taking potassium supplements based on doctors prescriptions, who are then also taking spironoactone without their doctor’s knowledge. This is a recipe for potassium overload, – Hyperkalemia – which can be fatal.

This warning just cannot be repeated often enough.

There are also significant other-drug interaction concerns with Spironolactone as well — they are listed on the links above.

Let’s be VERY real here:  if Spironolactone was a reliable testosterone blocker, then all of the men who are prescribed it as part of a management regimen for congestive heart failure, would have a significant reduction in libido, i.e., in sex drive, and would grow breasts. Most males do not value either of these effects, and the doctors would know to never prescribe Spironolactone to males.

Counting on Spironolactone to perform these functions in a M2F TG/TS, seems ludicrous, and is wasteful and physically dangerous.

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