About – Progesterone for Feminizing

Every web site which claims that progesterone will increase breast growth in a male body, is WRONG WRONG WRONG – AND that advice is dangerous.

There is no reason, no need, EVER to supplement progesterone into a male bodied person; i.e., a body which has testes. And, supplementing progesterone can be dangerous to a male-bodied person.

Supplemental progesterone in a male bodied person, especially Provera, (aka medroxy-progesterone) will almost always cause extreme emotional problems, including depression and extreme thoughts of suicide.

Yes — there are studies which seem to show that supplemental progesterone will help a born-woman to have larger breasts in some cases. While a woman is pregnant, her progesterone levels stay high throughout the pregnancy, which is how the fetus is held in the uterus during pregnancy and in many cases, her breasts will become larger.

The male body does not have this capability.

Progesterone in a male bodied person, is the precursor to testosterone — i.e., it is the foundational hormone from which more testosterone is created. This is the opposite of what needs to happen in order to feminize a male body.

Testosterone levels, and testosterone production, need to be reduced in order to feminize the male body. Normal progesterone levels in a trans — M2F — male body will take care of themselves. There is no benefit in any scenario, for any reason, for supplementing with progesterone.

The bio-molecular conversions begin with cholesterol which comes from the normal foods we eat: this is part of the whole digestive system processes; from foods which — in part — convert into cholesterol.

Cholesterol will eventually convert into testosterone.
The bio-molecular conversion flow is:

Cholesterol –> Pregnenolone –> DHEA –> Androstenedione –> Testosterone


Cholesterol –> Pregnenolone –> Progesterone –> Androstenedione –> Testosterone

There are also many claims on the internet of people using progesterone creams, rubbed in their breasts, and creating breast growth but there are no reported cases where progesterone creams are the only supplemental hormonal substances being used. Progesterone creams which are available over-the-counter, without prescription, do not have enough hormone in any given fingertip full of cream, to overcome testosterone and cause breast growth. Prescription strength progesterone creams still do not have enough hormones to overpower testosterone, and their progesterone hormones will be converted into testosterone anyway.

Too much progesterone is not a good thing. I advise you to avoid taking it to become more feminized. The risks far outweigh the even remote possibility of it working to help you become more femine.