This is the new Gold Standard in Testosterone Reduction, especially when combined with our CalmCompanion.

The body cannot begin to feminize, until its testosterone levels and testosterone production are significantly reduced.

To fully understand the concepts involved here, please go to Hormone Change Concepts

AndroEase is a drug free formulation using Standardized Herbal Extracts that can naturally influence hormonal function. The body cannot begin to feminize until certain hormonal levels are adjusted, including reduction of testosterone levels.

AndroEase is the only real anti-androgen available, the only product which will actually reduce the production of testosterone.

Spironolactone does not, can not, perform that function.

Spironolactone (also sold as Aldactone) is a potassium sparing diuretic, created to remove water from the body of people who are trying to manage Congestive Heart Failure. Spironolactone flushes water from the human body, and especially from the heart, without removing potassium. Potassium is crucial to the function of the heart muscle. But too much potassium will destroy the liver, resulting in death.

Spironolactone is NOT an anti-androgen. Spironolactone only clogs up – blocks – testosterone receptors sites on certain human body cells.

From a common sense perspective:
if Spironolactone actually reduced testosterone production, then the hundreds of thousands of males who take it to help manage a failing heart condition, would also lose their testosterone production, and their ability to have sex.
This does not happen.

Our formulation AndroEase, actually reduces the creation of testosterone. And it continues to further reduce the creation of testosterone, over time, if used consistently.

CalmCompanion, helps to prevent life stresses from increasing testosterone production.
Stress increases testosterone production, to support the “fight or flight” mechanisms.

In addition, with AndroEase reducing the production and levels of testosterone, the percentage quantity of the testosterone derivative called Di-Hydro-Testosterone (DHT) will also be reduced.

By using AndroEase, these steps can be accomplished faster and safer than ever before, without dangerous side effects.

There are no feminizing ingredients in this formulation.

AndroEase must be used in conjunction with Evanesce and Feminol to feminize the male body.

AndroEase, used by itself, will not feminize the male body.

Some people only want to reduce their testosterone levels, without necessarily feminizing their body. Some people only want to get their “testosterone monster” under control, so that they can live a more calm and peaceful life.

AndroEase is the product you have been searching for to reduce your testosterone levels and production.

The AndroEase testosterone reduction formulation works best when taken at the same time as CalmCompanion.

60 capsules per bottle; Recommended initial usage is 5-6 capsules per day.

When using AndroEase purely for testosterone reduction, without feminization, initial daily usage can be as high as six capsules daily.

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