Customer Feedback

March 1, 2017:
Any product can make advertising claims. The real test of whether a product works as promised is in the feedback that accompanies re-orders from satisfied customers: 

  • I want to email you with no questions and tell you how much more focused and safe my journey is now since I found you on the internet.  I, like many others were searching for an alternative to the “high test” drugs that  doctors prescribe for transition and we found you and your formulations.  We were also looking for a way to bring as many people along with us and not do the overnight success route as well and this is totally accomplished by using your formulations.
  • Here is my compliment for the day. Just as I ‘first’ realized my breasts were growing while in the shower, all of a sudden I feel my hips jiggling as I wash in the shower. I would say the estrogen is finally shifting to my lower half. I am so pleased. Thank you for wonderful products.
    One things for sure, I can NO LONGER walk out to get my paper without a top on!!! I have a full length mirror on the door at the end of the hallway. My breasts actually jiggle when I walk! Again, thank you!!! I am content.
  •    I want to email and tell you how much more focused and safe my journey is now since I found you on the internet.  I, like many others were searching for an alternative to the “high test” drugs that  doctors prescribe for transition and we found you and your formulations.  I was also looking for a way to bring as many people along with me on the transition journey and to not lose family and friends from trying to do an overnight transition;  this has been totally accomplished by using your formulations and your transition program. With your formulations, we are able to move at our own pace during our very different journeys and do this with as little stress as possible. I have found that on my journey since I met you, I am more complete than I have ever been.  The outer appearance is moving along and changing, but the internal change and the ability to accept who I really am is the most astounding development.  It allows me to send that vibe out to everyone that I meet during a normal day.  It allows me to focus and think about life decisions, their potential outcomes and what the next steps will be on my journey. Having come from the corporate world, I am able to focus on what the new world for me will be, how I am going to get to that world and what the challenges along the way will be.  With the self-comfort and confidence that the hormone formulations have given me, I have been able to successfully build a photography business that is growing and will allow me to continue on with my journey as well! I now have the funding to live my new life. None of this would have been possible if I hadn’t met you and your hormone formulations.  The hormones allow me to control the speed of my transition and they allow me to clearly see where I am headed.  They give me the ability to plan for a positive outcome and an end result that is more intact then if I were to rush the change. With all sincerity and with all my love and respect, thank you Dianna for being there for me and for others as well.  I can now head for where I want to be and I can do it safely and on a time plan that works for me and the others around me as well. — Renee.
  • Just wanted to let you know other products do not come close to providing the same effects. I have experienced very calming effects and have not had any migraines which used to be quite frequent. My skin is much softer and the subtle changes to the body are just what I needed. I must say that my body has undergone changes to a point where I need to be careful what I wear. Keep up the good work and I will continue to let other members of the community know about these great products. – Randi
  • My development continues and is sometimes amazing even to me. I’ve heard others say they’ve gotten little or nothing. Maybe they didn’t stay the course long enough or don’t have a body chemistry conducive to development. Maybe they have bad diets, drink too much, smoke, or do drugs — things that might block the benefits of these natural wonders. All I know is they’ve been a godsend for me and I am so appreciative to you, Dianna! Don’t even remember at this point how long I’ve been on them….perhaps you can tell me when my first order was way back when to give me an idea? Not important, just curious.
    Last night and lately have been especially gratifying. My shape is so nice and it’s such a joy to see my profile knowing that what I see isn’t any longer some sort of pad or prothesis…’s ALL me. I’m filling a B-cup completely on my left and nearly so on my right (the one that has always lagged just a bit to my chagrin!). It’s just a marvel and I love it! Even bought a new bra last night in celebration….nothing fancy or too sexy, definitely not a hot date item but just something to mark the continuing transition with joy. – Candice
  • I would like to once again thank you for providing this product. I am very satisfied with the products Evanesce and Feminol. Taken in moderation of 2 each day is very comfortable. I have noticed the texture of my skin, to the touch is very soft and the effects and changes are wonderfull. My body is (simply stated) re-designing itself or shall I say re-shaping. My breasts are slowly enlarging and my hips and thighs are greatly increasing at a acceptable rate that is wounderous and a joy to watch. My mid section is still the same but I need to exercise and Evanesce and Feminol will not take care of that. Thank you very much, I will be maintaining my supply for years to come. Nicole Louise –
  • I have been taking your products for 4 weeks and I have never felt so in tone with life. I have always felt like I was in the wrong body.I have been bald since I was 25 thirty years ago and now I am growing hair it is so noticeable that my wife said she wished I had taken this years ago. And she likes my new attitude. Thank you for your fine service – WW
  • Just wanted to touch base. Things are going extremely well… I never imagined I’d get the changes which have occurred. And I am very glad inside. Kind of a quiet confidence you might say. I’m now into a full B, and I still feel my breasts changing… I don’t quite know where it will stop… but will follow the road wherever it leads. It is a very kind, warm, quieting type of change. I look in the mirror and really can’t believe it is me. It is to the point where my wife and I know that I NEED to start wearing a bra, just to keep from hurting when going up and down stairs, horseplay with the kids, physically working hard on yard or house projects, or very aerobic walks… Now it’s not a question of fantasy or indulgence, because I’ve been content for a long time since this regimen of Evanesce became a part of me… Now it’s simply one of those necessary items to use as part of my life in my day-to-day activities. And that thought is very pleasing… I think you know what I mean… -MN
  • Hi!! Just wanted to let you know I apprecriate how you rectified the problem with my first order. My company’s shipping department makes mistakes also, but it’s how you resolve it that counts, and you were great!! I have just placed my order for my second two month supply of Evanesce and Feminol. I am pleased with the results that are starting to show in my breast development, and have experienced NO unpleasant side effects as I did when I was on prescription hormones. I am recomending them to all my TG girlfriends. Also, thank you for taking the time to e-mail me and answer all the questions I asked you about your products versus your competitors. That showed me you sincerely care about your customer’s and are not just out to “make a buck” off people who are desperate to make a physical change like some other companies. Please feel free to use this and reprint it as an unsolicited endorsement for you and your fine products!! Sincerely, Michelle Christine Michaels
  • I am truly sold on these. It seemed like this is what it took to make a great jumpstart with my body. I have had wonderfull results. The best of it all was the sence of peacefullness. I have been out for acouple of weeks now and am noticeing my old self comming back, Quick tempered, stressed, and almoast in a confused state. I am truly looking forward to recieving my second order. Thankyou again for you wonderfull attention. You make the coldness of the internet seem a little more friendly and warm. – Courtney
  • I like it very much. I am sleeping better. At first I didn’t believe all the hype about Evanesce and hormones. But now I do. The estrogen from Evanesce has unlocked me and I am very happy. I am finally understanding why my women friends seem to experience more from life than I did, than men do. Now I know. Their mind and bodies are built for it. What a pity men don’t know. -CA
  • …night sweats and the blood-pressure, diabetes — are things of the past. They were all caused by three different Doctors, two of which were prescribing medication without knowing my DNA condition [XXY], or the medications I was given by other Doctors. These drugs were conflicting and with each side effect, more drugs were given by each Doctor. I was taking 35 different drugs! I personally just stopped taking all of them not caring much what happened. I was surprised at how much better I felt! Those “Androderm” patches for low testosterone were the worst. I was never meant to have “normal levels of testosterone”! My blood pressure went out of sight, night sweats, shakes, manic depressions. The side effects of that lasted long after I stopped them and started these products. I feel so much better, it’s unreal. Everything is back to normal, no high blood pressure, I’m no longer a diabetic, not driven to eat excessively, and lost over a hundred pounds, feeling great! Most content and cheerful now. Berdache Jordan
  • I just had to let you know that I have been using Evanesce and Feminol for about 5 months now, and had the most wonderful discovery while taking a shower one recent morning. Prior to this I had noticed some shifting and reshaping of my breast tissue to form what I could imagine to be small breasts and I loved that. However, I took the time to really examine myself in the shower and I am now a believer! Not only has my pre-existing tissue been reshaped but there is a noticable budding of my breasts, new tissue increasing the size of my breasts as well as reshaping them. This discovery has truly re-energized me and given me the inspiration to continue on in my journey to discover the real woman I have always been. Thank you for the wonderful products and the excellent customer service. –Belinda
  • Evanesce has been different. I started slow, stuck with it, followed a regimen, and found the effects to be wonderful. Your hand-holding and hugs helped a lot too! The changes occur slowly, the body and mind begin to accomodate them, and I am feeling better than I have ever felt in my life. It’s a feeling I haven’t had in a long time. My senses — smell, taste, hearing and seeing are much more acute! I haven’t experienced a migraine since being on Evanesce! -CA
  • My god, what a difference they make! I soon felt a calm I’ve never felt before, and it hasn’t left in four days, I began to realize that this need of mine is more than something I’d thought up, but an actual nutritional, biochemical deficiency that’s plagued me all my life, as though I’ve suffered a sort of menopause all this time. After two days, a friend asked me if I’d shaved or trimmed my beard differently. I haven’t. My skin, especially in my hands and arms, seems slightly smoother and softer, and not quite as veiny and tendony. I guess above all, my attitude has improved. I think I can enjoy things more and be a more enjoyable person to be around. It’s astonishing how the plant world can provide something so intrinsically “human” as our hormones. -OH
  • This is my second order, and I must confess, I didn’t think it would work at first….. Boy ! (or should I say “girl”) Does it ever work.. At first, in about three weeks, I noticed a very slight change in my hips.. very slight, but noticable… Then my breasts began to get softer and slightly larger.. My nipples became larger and more sensitive, and I grew from …very flat chested …to a full A cup … and I think they are still growing! Hardly believable but true… Thanx again! – MN
  • I would like to say thank you for your fast service and tell you about my first week. Started on Evanesce two capsules twice a day that very afternoon the package arrived and after one week everything is going great. I haven’t felt this whole and alive since puberty and the changes my body has done in one week are unbelievable. Now, my body is starting to look like the woman I knew was inside me. Once again THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -WI
  • I started the hormones in October I believe … doing them 6 [Evanesce] and 4 [Feminol] my nipples got a lot larger! I always believed I was producing estrogen because I always had tiny breasts as a man. Here it is Jan 5th and I have size B breasts now! The hormones I believe compounded the estrogen I was naturally producing. -Stephanie
  • I know you have alot of people writing to you with testimonials about this product but I think you better add my letter as one of them. I have only used your product a few days & yet I see a huge change in my overall appearance. It makes me sooo happy to find some thing safe but realy effective. My chest area has started to swell & fill my bra. My skin has become much smoother. I have also noticed that all the birth marks I have are starting to fade. If this is what your product has to offer me then you have a customer for life. I may never want to use the alternative option of breast growth again. -KS
  • My mood is wonderfully improved: I’m less prone to anger over unimportant things, seem more able to handle stress with out becoming flustered (my two – year – old daughter must appreciate this), and have better short term memory. I tend less to put things off. Many bad habits have just fallen by the wayside: no more smoking, less booze; as little sugar and salt as I can get away with. No more interest; they just bum me out. I’ve developed a real taste for milk, fruit, grains. Unexpectedly, a years – long battle with nasal congestion has virtually disappeared! No kidding: I don’t even touch the antihistamine I once ate like candy. Whether it’s the hormones or just the nutritional benefits of these powerful herbs, I don’t know; but they feel so right! Oh, yes; lots of new sensations in my nipples, and my skin is overall smoother, softer, and more sensitive. Just a slight touch or a cool breeze will set these little nipples on end, and send me shivvering. That’s so cute: hot buttons I never knew I had! 🙂 -PA
  • Evanesce is wonderful! I noticed a big improvement in my skin texture almost overnight, and growing tenderness in my nipples came almost as quickly…; my skin is much better. -VA
  • Obviously, one month is not enough time to arrive at conclusions regarding the benefits…; Since I began taking Evanesce [eight months ago], the psychological changes are significantly more evident than the physical ones…; Folks are telling me that I seem to look younger. The obvious changes to my breasts are only known to me. I’m happy that I’m developing normally -TN
  • I learned about Evanesce from some of my TG friends who reported positive results. RR, CA
  • I have contacted a number of persons in the community who have taken it and they recommend highly. MD, NY
  • I do like the product … it is helping me in slow, easy, subtle ways … Thank You. EH, NY
  • Evanesce is wonderful. I noticed an improvement in my skin almost overnight, tenderness in my nipples was almost as fast. Even if nothing else happens, my skin is much better. KF, VA
  • It is a wonderful product for *girls like me* and I thank you for being there. JP, IN
  • Evanesce will further help to develop the she/male self of me that I enjoy and wnat others to see and enjoy JA, WA
  • My newly developing breasts and plumper derrier will be most greatful if you can process this order at your earliest convenience. PR, RI

Women taking Evanesce report significant reductions in premenstrual depression, menstrual cramps, and other cyclical events related to their body’s unique functioning; Evanesce was originally developed as a PMS Formula capsule for women.