Evanesce Classic

Ignore everything you have ever read or heard about using herbs to feminize.

These products are scientifically created, research based, formulations. They are not just crushed herbs in a capsule.

Evanesce was the very first feminizing, herbal formulation to take advantage of
state-of-the-art processing technologies which extract the active ingredients from herbs.
By using Standardized and concentrated herbal extracts, i.e., just active ingredients at a molecular level, it is easy to get powerful potent results, instead of having to eat hands-full, or bottles full, of store/whole herbs every day.

And these are much safer for your body than drug hormones.

The Evanesce formulation of herbal extracts is based on more than a century of research which have shown that certain combinations of herbs are synergistic; i.e., that when mixed in specific ratios, certain herbs multiplied the potency of other herbs. Yes, there is a research-based reason for the specific herbal extracts used in the Evanesce formulation, and for the ratios of those herbal extracts to each other.

All of this makes Evanesce completely different from anything you may have heard others say about using herbs to feminize a male body. The first step in feminizing a male body, is to reduce testosterone levels and production. Feminizing cannot really begin until this has happened. Click Here for more details.

The Evanesce Classic formulation performs these two crucial tasks:

Evanesce has extraordinary testosterone production blockers,


Evanesce has significant estrogen resources, to enable the feminizing processes.

One special element of this formulation is that once physical changes begin, you can control the rate of feminizing changes, to meet your specific social, family, and career situations. This is just not possible when using drug hormones. You need to know that drug hormones are prescription items simply because of the damage they can do to your liver and other organs with high dosage, long term, un-monitored usage.

And raw — store bought — herbs are just not likely to bring any changes at all to your body.

Evanesce Classic is a safe, natural, phytosterol-rich herbal-formula capsule, with an amazing track record of satisfaction within the transgender community worldwide since 1990..

According to Susun Weed in her book Menopausal Years,
“Using plants rich in phytosterols is remarkably different from taking hormones, even natural ones.
“Phytosterols provide hormonal building blocks, rather than hormones themselves, thus allowing [your body] to create the precise amounts (and combinations) of hormones needed on your unique […] journey.

“When using phytosterol-rich herbs, you don’t have to eliminate excess hormones or know exactly what dose to take.
“With a smorgasbord of choices, the body […] can create the hormones [it] needs
from the building blocks supplied by the plant.

“This process removes the ‘stress of eliminating excess estrogen from the kidneys and liver”, says Weed.

To learn more about the truth about Phyto-estrogens/phytosterols, click here.

Evanesce Classic is also an extraordinary formulation for helping born-women to manage their PMS and/or menopause symptoms. Born-women will use less, and generally will use Evanesce Classic only on their bad or trouble days


90 capsules per bottle; long-term feedback indicates ideal usage for feminization is 6 capsules daily in the initial phase of transformation, and 3-4 capsules daily once physical changes have begun.


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