Evanesce Extra Strength


Evanesce-ES = Extra Strength

We started with the amazing Evanesce [Classic] formulation, and updated it to take advantage of newly discovered herbs and 21st Century herbal processing technology.

This formulation has:

25% more testosterone production-blocking power than the original Evanesce Classic formulation, as well as newly available standardized extracts of several of the other ingredients, which means you get FAR more “bang for the buck” in each capsule

— each capsule is FAR more potent — more powerful — than the original Classic formulation

For those looking for the very best formulation for male-body feminization, Evanesce-ES contains Pueraria Mirifica as part of an improved formulation, which can deliver an even larger enhancement to its evolutionary influence on breasts and transition
Pueraria Mirifica greatly increases estrogenic resources.

This formulation now also includes soy isoflavones, as well as Pueraria Lobata. These ingredients increase the male feminization and mental-health-stabilizing potential of this amazing herbal formulation.


90 capsules per bottle; suggested initial usage is 5-6 capsules per day.


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