Female Body Shape: 1

For general education about body shape in women:

The hip and buttocks growth, and rounding, that many born women have,
is primarily influenced by their pelvic bone.

The human pelvic bone stays relatively soft throughout childhood.
When women go through puberty, the pelvic bone will tend to spread, grow wider.
And then toward the end of puberty, the pelvic bone will harden.

The purpose of the wider pelvic bone (pelvis) is to help the woman carry a fetus.

For the vast majority of born males, there is generally not enough estrogen available at puberty to cause the pelvic bone to grow wider.
And, toward the end of puberty the pelvic bone in a male-bodied person also will harden.

Once the pelvic bone hardens, for a male or for a female, nothing can be done to make it wider.

Elevated estrogen levels will cause fatty deposits around the pelvic zone, in order to protect it, and to protect a fetus, in case the woman falls.

Not every born woman going through puberty obtains a wider pelvic bone.
All pelvic bones do not grow equally wider.

Pelvic bone growth is governed in part by each woman’s unique personal genetics.
Many born women have the unique personal genetics for a wide pelvic bone,
and some born women do not.

The necessary elements for a feminizing male to get any wider, more rounded hips and buttocks, are:

*  (1)  reduced testosterone levels,

*  (2)  with the missing testosterone molecules immediately replaced by supplemental estrogen,

*  (3) and enough fatty tissue to be available so that elevated estrogen levels can deposit that tissue into place around the pelvic bone.

All of this, plus time. Which means, patience.

Bear in mind, that it takes 3 to 7 years for a born girl to fully develop physically into a woman.
And, she does not have to overcome testosterone and testosterone production first.