Feminol 2.0

Product Description

Feminol 2.0 is formulated from extraordinarily high potency Concentrated and Standardized Extracts of herbs, a formulation which has a proven track record of success within the M2F TG/TS communities, since 1990!

Feminol 2.0 is wonderful “sister”/synergystic product to Evanesce Classic and to Evanesce-Extra Strength.

The Feminol 2.0 formulation now also includes a 5:1 concentrated extract of the exotic Thai kudzu called Pueraria Mirifica and a standardized extract of Pueraria Lobata, which together greatly increase the formulation’s estrogenic resources.

Over the past 12+ years, extensive anecdotal evidence indicates the influence of Pueraria Mirifica on breast evolution in both males and females.

There are also many additional types of phyto-estrogenic Concentrated and Standardized herbal Extracts in the Feminol 2.0 formulation, which work together synergistically for maximum potency and efficiency in helping you to reach your goals!

Feminol 2.0 used alone, does not have the testosterone-blocking ability which is SO crucial to your feminization.

Therefore, Feminol 2.0 works best when taken along with either Evanesce Classic or Evanesce-ES, and especially with the anti-testosterone combination of AnderoEase and CalmCompanion.


60 capsules per bottle; long term feedback indicates ideal usage is 3-4 capsules per day. Some people report even faster changes, especially in early transition, at higher daily usage





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