The first thing you need to consider, is your understanding of the word “fetish”

It is only in recent times, that the word “fetish” has come to mean something sexual.

Traditionally, the word “Fetish” was taken to mean some thing, some item, that makes a person’s life better, for themselves.

For example: wearing or carrying of a certain item, like a feather…

In the old Walt Disney animated film “Dumbo”,
Dumbo the elephant was able to fly, he believed, because of the feather he always carried…
At one point, in a panic, during a flight, Dumbo lost the feather, and then discovered he could fly without it….

Many indigenous peoples carry/carried items, like a feather or feathers, or a sting of bones, etc., to give themselves courage… or to some Eskimos, a fetish might be a small bear on a necklace, as an example, not as a stereotype..

For many years, I personally always wore a certain specific crystal on a necklace, whenever I went to do public speaking.
I felt it gave me the courage to get up in front of an audience, and to say the right things….

Within my public speaking life, then, the crystal necklace was a fetish for me —
— something which gave me courage and resolve in a time of my life which was filled with turmoil and suicidal thoughts.

Do not think of Fetish as something sexual; but rather as something you can hold onto, rely on,
which gives you the inner strength, the courage, to live the life you deserve to live.