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Up Topic Discussion / Evanesce, and Feminol / anti-androgen foods?
- - By Lara Date 2004-12-14 03:32
I really need to know, what foods are considered good anti-androgens?

I heard that many hair and skin conditions are androgen-dependant.
Parent - - By maryannk Date 2004-12-14 20:39
Hi Lara,

Welcome to your first day on the Forum.  People will say that I do not like newbies...
just a nasty rumor.  Foods?..point your browser to and type in
PHYTOESTROGENS in the search field.  Yes you will get millions of hits. There is
plenty of alarm over manly men loosing their male potency by ingesting Soy and
other phytoestrogens.  i just had my second cup of Starbuck's SOY latte...good for
female metabolism and veins and blood circulation.  My T-factory is shut down; workers
fired but picketting!...saying that I used Unnatural, Illegal and obsessive force in shutting
down my testicles.  Can you believe that?

Question #2:  Acne and Alopecia are too very common skin/hair disorders caused by Androgenic
hormones is both males and females.  Females with skin erruptions (acne) and hair loss and hursitism
due to abnormal testosterone levels are treated with low doses of androcur  ( as in diane-35)..which is
legal to sell in the USA.


Parent - - By Dakota Lynn Date 2004-12-14 21:42

> People will say that I do not like newbies...
> just a nasty rumor.

Yea they taste real good rosted in a nice red wine with wild rice. Just don't eat to much though they will give you gas. Ha Ha Ha!

Parent - By maryannk Date 2004-12-14 23:56

thanks!  Where would we all be without a sense of humor!


Up Topic Discussion / Evanesce, and Feminol / anti-androgen foods?

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