Frequently Asked Questions

Herbal Estrogens FAQ

Herbs are a common item in our diet. We know that the Oregano and Basil in our Spagetti sauce are herbs; we know that various herbs and spices have been highly valued for centuries as a means to make our foods taste better, and we also know that many herbs have centuries-old traditions as healing agents. Many common medications in our society have various herbs as their base ingrediants. Spinach is an herb, which is known to increase energy in most people, by adding iron and other important energy-building nutrients to our bodies. The old wives tale about carrots being good for eye-sight is true; the beta carotene in carrots and other yellow vegatables/herbs is very beneficial to eye-sight! We use herb-based teas to pick us up, or to settle us down; most of us consume huge amounts of an herbal beverage called coffee, or get our caffienne stimulation from herbs used in many soda pop mixtures.

And there is a whole class of herbs known to be high in estrogenic compounds, called phyto-estrogens. or phytoestrols.

But I have heard that phyto-estrogens are dangerous…

It is important to understand that there are two very different substances today which have received the label “phyto-estrogen”.
One of these substances is more accurately called psuedo-estrogen, or more commonly in the 21st century these are called “xeno-estrogens”;
These estrogen mimics are found in chemical and environmental pollution, and have been linked to various birth defects because of their semi-ability to mimic the estrogen hormone, and to thereby interfere with cellular functioning.
Psuedo-estrogens — xeno-estrogens — are the molecules that do the “weak-bonding, estrogen receptor interference” thing.
Phyto-estrogens — phytoestrols — on the other hand, are a wonderous medical discovery for us…

What is Evanesce?

Evanesce is formulated from extracts of phytoestrols — the most potent parts of the most potent phyto-estrogenic plants and berries — which are concentrated and mixed in ratios which research has determined to bring the greatest synergystic boost to each of the substances used.
Through the centuries it has been found that some herbs synergistically increase the effectiveness of other herbs; the formulation in Evanesce is designed to enhance the effectiveness of each of the most potent phytoestrols.

Evanesce has been used by people in the transgender community worldwide since 1991.

How do these herbs work?

According to Susun Weed in her book Menopausal Years, “Using plants rich in phytoestrols is remarkably different from taking hormones, even natural ones … Phytoestrols provide hormonal building blocks, rather than hormones themselves, thus allowing [your body] to create the precise amounts (and combinations) of hormones needed on your unique … journey. When using phytoestrol-rich herbs, you don’t have to eliminate excess hormones or know exactly what dose to take. With a smorgasbord of choices, the body … can create the hormones [it] needs from the building blocks supplied by the plant.
“This process removes the ‘stress of eliminating excess estrogen’ from the kidneys and liver”, says Weed.

Can’t I just buy these herbs off the shelf, from local health food stores, etc.?

On an individual basis, sure!
HOWEVER, as anyone from the “marijuana generations” knows, there is a significant variation in the potency and purity of all herbs grown for ingestion.
State-of-the-art herbal processing facilities now have the ability to separate the “good stuff” in herbs and berries from the basic plant material, which allows large amounts of the “good stuff” to beconcentrated into small capsules.
These processes also keep the potency and purity consistant from batch to batch throughout the year.
What this means to you is that with a well-manufactured formulation such as these, you do not have to consume mega-doses of herbs trying to get their benefits.

How do Evanesce and Feminol compare with other similar herbal products?

There are no standards for measuring or comparing herbal things. There are no restrictions on a company using powdered twigs, bark, stems, etc., in their herbal products. One company’s 500mg herbal product may actually have far less of the “good stuff” than another company’s 25mg herbal product. Therefore, comparing milligrams of herbs on bottle labels is a meaningless exercise; you need the “good stuff”, not the plant material, to get the desired results.

How do these compare to Premarin and other prescription drugs?

They do not compare.

Premarin is a drug manufactured from PREgnant MARe uRINe, designed to force a specified amount of estrogen into the human body, whether that body can handle that much estrogen or not.
Other prescription estrogen drugs also do the same job; the various forms are designed to try to avoid problems with metabolism, etc.

Once in the blood-stream, estrogen is estrogen is estrogen, regardless of its initial form (herb or drug) into your body.

How quickly will my body be feminized with Evanesce?

It is very important for you to understand that it takes several years for a girl to develop a woman’s body. In a male body, estrogens from any source must overcome testosterone before feminization really begins; you cannot expect to see substantial feminization – substantial breast development – within only a few weeks, regardless of the source of estrogen. Breast development from any estrogen treatment program–drug or herbal–is ultimately a function of your own personal genetic potential, diet, and lifestyle. Some people will see development almost from the first day, others may not see development for a few months; but this is true regardless of the source of estrogen, prescription drug or herbs.

Explain “personal genetic potential, diet, and lifestyle”.

Many women are small-breasted; they did not have the genetic potential to develop large breasts. If your mother, your sisters, and/or your daughters are large breasted, then you probably have the genetic potential for reasonable breast development. Over time, your breasts will develop under the influence of elevated estrogen from any source; but not everyone will achieve “C” cup or larger breasts no matter what source of estrogen they rely on. A generalized rule of thumb is that a M2F TG will develop one size smaller breasts than the women of their immediate/genetic family.

Caffienne, nicotine, alcohol, refined sugars, and in some people even salt will each and all combine to block the formation and utilization of estrogen. This is why many women crave chocolate during their “high estrogen” time of each month; their bodies know that chocolate will help hold the estrogen levels down. (Most doctors will not prescribe Premarin or any other estrogen drugs to people who smoke, partially for this reason.)

And extreme stress holds down estrogen levels; although research is showing that supplemental estrogen can help to reduce the body’s bad reactions to stress….

What about personal — health — safety?

According to many herbal books, the specific herbs used in Evanesce have no history of creating health problems in the human body. It is important to note, however, that some humans have allergies to specific foods; while we have no feedback indicating problems, you should be aware, and check with your doctor if you experience any problems with any supplemental hormone programs.

Will Evanesce affect my sexual functioning as a male?

Yes. Two of the ingrediants in the Evanesce formulation are powerful extracts of a berry which blocks production of testosterone. This allows the other herbs to go to work quicker, but it will also reduce your ability to function as a male sexually. Erection and orgasm will take longer to achieve, and this effect is cumulative; the longer you are on elevated estrogens from any source, herbal or drugs, the more difficult it will be to function as a male, sexually.

It is crucial for you to know that over a period of time on elevated estrogens from any source, herbal or drugs, there is a strong probability that you will become permanently sterile.
Why is Saw Palmetto not a part of this formulation? I’ve seen many positive reports on it?

Saw Palmetto is very beneficial (in the short term) to a woman’s body; however, in the male body it converts to testosterone. This is a good herb to avoid if you are seeking feminization!
Saw Palmetto, BTW, is very good against prostrate problems…. even if it does go against feminization

What is the recommended dosage for Evanesce? And, how many capsules per bottle?

Evanesce is packaged in 90 capsule bottles; Feminol is packaged in 60 capsule bottles. The manufacturer recommends Evanesce usage at 1-6 capsules daily, Feminol at 1-2 capsules daily.
Most people in the TG community have settled on 3-4 Evanesce and 1-2 Feminol capsules daily as a good balance between cost and results. Some people start at six (or more!) Evanesce per day for a few weeks, and then drop back; We feel that more than eight daily Evanesce, and more than four daily Feminol, are wasted in the majority of people. Each human body will respond differently, and you will need to find what works best for your own unique body.

Can I take these with Premarin, etc.?

Sure! One of the prime ingrediants in Evanesce is a testosterone blocker; people who take Evanesce for several months and then go onto a prescription hormone program (Premarin, etc.) find that the Premarin seems to go to work much faster.

Then this does not have as much estrogen as Premarin?

No; which is why it does not require a therapist’s recommendation, or a doctor’s prescription. On the other hand, it will not overpower the body, will not potentially overpower and hurt the kidneys and liver as Premarin can.

How does Evanesce compare with Feminol?

Evanesce has much higher amounts of testosterone blockers than Feminol has. This is a very important result, especially during the first year or two of conversion/transition. Feminol has much less testosterone blocker extracts, and is higher in estrogen resources because of the glandulars in its formulation.

Then which is more beneficial–Evanesce or Feminol?

These two products are very synergystic — that is, they each magnify the effects of the other. It is a sort of 2 + 2 = 5 kind of thing. Many people are now taking the two products, together.

Are there any other known beneficial side effects?

There are no promises, of course — and certainly there are no claims. Many people report that Evanesce calms the obsessive-compulsive/ depressive emotions quickly–in many cases overnight!

How soon will I see changes/feminization?

Feminization is a unique process in each individual, whether from herbs or drugs; there is no way to “time line” the changes. Your personal genetics, your initial testosterone levels and your body’s ability to recover from testosterone suppression, your nutrition factors, your general health, other medications/drugs, each and all will affect how quickly your body changes.
See “Personal Genetic Potential, Diet, and Lifestyle”, above….

At what point do the changes become irreversible?

This question is best answered by the old story of two steps ahead, one step back; As your feminization progresses, the more you are feminized, the less you will be able to revert to male.

Are there any negative effects of Evanesce and Feminol on a Drug Test that I need to be aware of?

There are no drugs in Evanesce or Feminol, so there are no drug residuals for a drug test to identify. Women get drug tests, too, so elevated estrogen is not a problem on drug testing. Many thousands of people using Evanesce and Feminol since 1991, have passed multiple drug tests without problem.

How are these products shipped? I am very concerned about confidentiality…

Orders of three or more bottles are shipped in very plain white or tan boxes, with very plain white mailing labels. There are no logos, no pictures; nothing extra. Orders of 1-2 bottles are shipped in a plain tan bubble-pack envelope.

I have worked extensively within the TG community locally, nationally, and internationally, for more than 16 years (since 1983). I have served the TG community as a participant, leader, counselor/coach, and Director of a TG support center; I fully understand the need for extreme confidentiality that most people in our TG community have.

What is the average shipping time until I receive my order? What shipper do you use?

We use the US Postal Service, because many people have post office box shipping addresses for personal confidentiality; and because neither FedEx nor UPS, nor any other private carrier can deliver to a post office box. Orders of 1-3 bottles are shipped First Class, with average delivery times of 3-4 days. Orders of 4 or more bottles are shipped Priority First Class, with average shipping times of 2-3 days.

Tell me about ordering on the Internet – what about my credit card security?

In a restaurant, most people think nothing of giving their card to a kid who disappears around a corner with it; this is potentially far more “insecure” than any electronic transfer over the Internet.