Herbal Feminizing Hormone Primer

UPDATED September 1, 2016


Herbs themselves do NOT cause breasts to grow

Drugs themselves do NOT cause breasts to grow.

It has been a common and often repeated statement, that “herbs do not work for feminizing the male body”. This statement is as false as saying people can never fly in the sky with the birds. The statements exist only because so many people have used the wrong herbs, and used them improperly, and then have expected “overnight” transformations from that improper use.

So let’s look at this issue through educated reality: The human body functions because of hundreds of different kinds of hormones, enzymes, etc. Hormones and enzymes are the triggers and the catalysts which cause the various cells of the human body to function. Hormones are the “key” which “unlocks” each cell in the human body. Hormones unlock and open each cell to receiving nutrition so that each cell can perform its function, i.e., do its work, including either Replicating or Duplicating. The human body will normally try to create all the various enzymes and hormones it can use, all that it needs, all of the time, from the foods we eat.

Herbs – berries and leaves – are food items.
From certain types of herbs, called phyto-estrogens, estrogens will be created to the extent that the individual body can utilize them at a given moment in time.

Phyto-estrogens are not to be confused with Xeno-estrogens (which used to be called psuedo-Estrogens), which are estrogen-like mimics that invade our bodies. Xeno-estrogens come from various chemical pollutants in our environment.

Although there is much writing on the internet saying that phyto-estrogenic plants only contain tiny amounts of estrogen, it is important to understand the primary Fact that these articles overlook: that as the human body performs its various digestive functions, bio-molecules from these particular plants and berries are modified, are converted into additional estrogen, and other hormones, enzymes, etc. It is not just the estrogen molecules these plants and berried contain, it is also the estrogen that the human body creates from the rest of the plant and berry material.

But the fact which is most important of all to understand, is that the potency of a particular estrogen molecule DOES NOT MATTER. What matters, is only that a given estrogen molecule has the proper construction to match a cellular receptor site; that the “molecular key” matches the cellular receptor site Lock.

There are three basic kinds of estrogen molecule, called E1, E2, and E3.

E2 estrogen is often written about as the “most effective” form of estrogen, but this is only because there are FAR more E2 cellular receptor sites available. There are far fewer E1 and E3 cellular receptor sites in the human body, than there are E2 sites.

With herbal-source estrogens, the body will create whatever types and levels of estrogen it can use at any given time, so that it is not possible to overdose in a harmful way.

But an individual has to ingest enough of the various herbs – the proper plant material – in order to create enough estrogen to make a difference, on a consistent every-day basis.

Traditional store-bought phyto-estrogenic herbs – raw herbs or “whole herbs” – do NOT provide enough of the active ingredient molecules to convert into “enough” estrogen, do the job of feminizing unless they are taken every day in massive quantities. And there is a long and often repeated history of people using store-bought estrogenic herbs without attaining any significant results, in the mistaken belief that certain herbs somehow actually ARE estrogen. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Store-bought raw or whole herbs also do not feminize a body, because those individuals trying this procedure do not also take anything to suppress testosterone.

It is also important to understand that there are no standards for measuring or comparing herbal things between brands.

One company’s “25mg” herbal product can actually have FAR more of the active ingredients – the “good stuff” – than another company’s “500mg” herbal product. This is especially true when Standardized and Concentrated extracts of herbs are used as ingredients in an herbal-based formulation.

It is simply not possible to compare herbal things from brand to brand in any meaningful way.

Why do our Herbal-Source formulations create an environment where testosterone production is reduced, and estrogen molecules are increased in quantity?

Ongoing improvements in herbal processing technology have enabled formulators to extract the active ingredients/molecules from various herbs – the “good stuff” – so that maximum benefits of the various herbs can be obtained without having to consume massive quantities of each herb.

Herbal research done in the late 1980s, showed that the active ingredients of various phyto-estrogenic herbs – when mixed in proper ratios – became synergystic; i.e., the total mixture worked better than any of the herbs could have worked on their own.

Evanesce and Feminol are formulations which were created based upon all of that research.

The Standardized extracts of the best available herbs, mixed in appropriate ratios, brings results which are far superior to anything available from store herbs.

These unique formulations are a clear step above traditional herbal usage.
These very unique formulations cannot be duplicated using store herbs, because their herbal ratios are based on using Standardized and Concentrated extracts of the various herbs.

AndroEase, along with CalmCompanion, has the strongest testosterone blockers that a person can legally get without a prescription.

Evanesce and Evanesce-Extra Strength (ES) also have testosterone blockers, in addition to their potent estrogenic resources; in about a 50/50 mixture.

Feminol 2.0 provides a much higher level of estrogenic resources; it is a GREAT addition to Evanesce for feminizing the male body.

Evanesce Classic, or Evanesce-ES (Extra Strength) and Feminol 2.0, are designed to be synergystic with each other, and they work best when taken together.