Understanding Hormone Changes

From a customer:

“My question to you is, what is the magic number of testosterone level we should reach to see the changes we desire.
[…] math, and us engineers, think that way. I know it does not work that way, but I can hope.”

You are trying to use a male-world, engineering-culture solution, to a female-world problem.

I am going to give you a different paradigm to consider, to better understand how to see this whole process:

The paradigm shift you need to embrace here,
is the difference between Father Time — linear, rigid and predictable, i.e., Basic Math
Mother Nature — fluid and cyclical; always different. i.e., Calculus

Think of — envision — a glass of water.
Cool, clear, water — filled to the very top of the glass, so that the glass is even slightly overfilled;
where the surface tension of the water allows the actual surface of the water to be slightly over the top of the glass…

Now, to create an analogy — I want to add a dye to the water to change the water from clear, into a green color.

From a water dropper, I very gently add a drop of dye, which, because of the surface tension of the existing water, disperses and runs across the the top of existing water, and runs down the side of the glass.
There is no change to the existing clearness of the fluid in the glass.

In order for any additional dye to have any impact on color of the water,
you have to reduce the amount of water in the glass.

“To what level must I reduce the water in the glass, before i can begin to add dye?”

That is really the question you are asking,
and that is why there is no appropriate, specific, scientific, valid answer….

The answer is that the level of clear water must be reduced “enough” to prevent the green dye from spilling away.

You can begin adding dye to the water,
in amounts effective enough to begin to change the color of the water,
as soon as the existing/beginning level of the water is reduced “enough” to not reject the dye.

At that point, as you begin to add more and more dye, the glass will once again fill to the top, and once again overflow…
but now by doing so, the clear water will be displaced more and more,
and the dye will continue to further change/deepen the color of the water remaining in the glass.
The changes have begun.

Over time, as more green dye is added, the clear water will be come more and more green;
there is no “line in the sand” to achieve in order for the green color to “suddenly happen”.

In the analogy above, the clear water represents testosterone, the green dye represents estrogen.
I suspect you “get” that part already.

And this analogy also explains why the concept of “starting slowly” with hormones, does not “work”.
When the glass — your body — is filled with testosterone,
a “little bit” of estrogen just “slides off of the top”

The beauty of using our formulations is that once the color of the water begins to really physically change, the individual can control the rate of change —
i.e., how quickly, and how much, the changes proceed, as well as the amount of total change.

Using drug hormones is like dumping a glass of green water into the glass of clear.
Green AND clear are going to go over the side, quickly;
leaving a mess of excess,
a huge quantity of messy “water” which the liver and kidneys must process,
which these organs were not “designed” to process, and which can damage those organs.

Note also, that if you want the glass to become totally clear water again, there is no way to achieve that.
The further the water in the glass changes changes toward green,
the less potential there is for “totally clear” to ever be approached again.

Note also, that the now-green liquid will fade with time — not to clear, of course, just fade.
Some small amount of green dye will need to be added on an ongoing daily basis,
in order to maintain the desired shade
— the rich vivid color — of green which had been obtained.
A “maintenance dosage”, as it were.

This maintenance dosage concept is most easily seen in born-women who have had a hysterectomy;
after that surgery, their bodies no longer create their own “green dye” (estrogen) because of the removal of those parts/organs which were generating estrogen originally.

So after that surgery, born-women must use a daily supplemental, small dosage,
of “green dye” (estrogen) in order to keep their system working properly.
Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for born women, is that maintenance program.

If the glass of clear water is never touched at all, it will still — over time — evaporate.
Testosterone and testosterone effects reduce as a male ages.

If a person sticks their finger(s) into the glass of water, and displaces some of it,
i.e., spills some water over the side of the glass.
Of course the total remaining in the glass is less.
This is what pure testosterone blockers achieve.

If the total “level of clear water” is reduced too far, the body and mind will begin to malfunction.

So, unless displaced water is going to be replaced by green dye,

Supplemental clear water is very difficult to obtain and to add back into the glass.

The one specific unknown/unknowable variable in this analogy,
is the initial size of anyone particular glass of water.

Everyone begins with a different size glass of water, in width and/or in depth.
Every male-body person has different levels of testosterone, and different levels of testosterone production.

So there is no way to specifically, scientifically,
state how much green dye (estrogen) must be added to begin the displacement process,
nor even to state how many fingers must be inserted, nor how far, into the glass of clear water in order to force “x” amount of displacement.

Final thoughts within this analogy:
(1) Some small number of people have a glass which is very eager to refill itself with clear water, for some amount of time going into the processes.
For some people, the clear water refill process in the glass is VERY resilient,
and those clear water refills flush away — dilute — the green dye at a rapid rate.

This becomes personally frustrating to them,
and this can cause them to deny the reality of the rest of the analogy
“This does not work”.

(2) Some people think that
they can add only tiny bits of blue and yellow water,
and even orange and/or black water, or just add pale green water to the clear water,
over a short period of time.
These people then complain about their inability to achieve a rich vivid color green in the glass.
This is what people who buy random herbs from some store, do;
people who then proclaim that “herbs don’t work to feminize the body”.

There are people on the internet who claim that the ingredients in the Evanesce family of formulations are simply crushed herbs.
Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Evanesce family of formulations have been validated by science and research over the past 20 years.
These formulations, using standardized extracts and concentrated extracts
of the active ingredients of the very most potent estrogenic herbs, are not like anything else available anywhere on the planet.

Be aware that there is a vast difference between drugs which are called testosterone blockers – such as Spironolactone/Aldactone, which only clogs up cellular testosterone receptors – and formulations which truly do block the formation of testosterone in the first place, such as AndroEase which actually blocks the initial formation of testosterone.