How and Why Do Breasts Grow?

How and why do breasts grow?

Breasts grow, because the cells in the breast area DUPLICATE themselves
– multiply – over and over.
One cell Duplicates to become two cells.
Two cells Duplicate to become four cells,
Four cells become eight cells, and so on.

Vastly increasing the number of cells in the breast area, is breast growth

As a separate but equally important function, cells – every cell in the human body – REPLICATE themselves; i.e., they create a copy of them-self, and then the original cell dies, and is removed from the body.

There are two things which are mandatory to cause cells to DUPLICATE themselves.

(1) A fully intact estrogen molecule, which acts as a key that fits into the “Lock” – the receptor site of the cell, which causes the cell to open. Like unlocking the door to your house, with a specific key which fits into the lock on your door.

The key must essentially match the lock / receptor, in order for the cell to be opened.
Only estrogen molecules can open estrogen locks / receptor sites.

Most cells throughout the human body have receptor sites which are “Master keyed”;
i.e., many different kinds of hormone molecules can open each of them.
But cells in certain parts of the body – cells in the breast area, for example – are very specifically “keyed” to only accept estrogen molecules.

So in order to grow breasts, the human body must have enough estrogen molecules
to open estrogen-keyed locks / receptor sites in the breast area often, so that the cells can Duplicate faster than they can Replicate.

This is why male-bodied people do not automatically grow breasts –
male-bodied people do not have the organs to create “enough” estrogen
to cause breast cells to open often enough to Duplicate, to multiply in quantity.

In order to grow breasts on a person born male,
there has to be “enough” circulating estrogen to open the breast cells often.

(2) Once the cells have been properly opened by the proper key,
the cells can receive the nutrients they need/require, from the blood stream,
in order to perform whatever function each specific cell is supposed to perform, and also to Replicate and/or to Duplicate themselves.

Estrogen itself does not cause the cells to function, nor to Replicate nor to Duplicate.
Estrogen only opens the cells up, to receive nutrients.

It is the nutrients a cell receives into itself, good as well as bad nutrients, that causes the cell to Function, and to then to Replicate and/or to Duplicate itself

Once the cells have been nourished “enough”,
once a cell has performed its designated Function and also Replicated or Duplicated itself,
the now waste nutrients – used up nutrients – are expelled from the cell back into the blood stream, to be eliminated from the body.

The used up estrogen “key” is removed – ejected – from the cell’s “lock”; its receptor site,
and the cell closes itself.

The work of growing breasts, then, is about getting “enough” of the proper forms of estrogen into the blood stream, which delivers those estrogen molecules to breast cell receptors – locks.
And then having available “enough” proper and healthy nutrients.

But without getting so much estrogen, that the body as a whole cannot use all that is available, and the kidneys and liver have to process the excess to elimination,
….which is an overload, overdose condition that can cause liver and kidney damage

Drug-based hormones can cause this overload condition, by over-supplying estrogen molecules.

Hormones created from herbs – which are food items – cannot cause an overload of estrogen,
because the human body will only convert to estrogen – from specific herbs – the amount of estrogen it can use at any given time.

But there has to be “enough” of the herbal/food things in the human body, to create “enough” estrogen.

Taking small dosages of herbal/food things – “starting slowly” or “hoping for slow growth” –
will not provide enough estrogen to cause any significant changes at all.

And there are only a few specific herbs/foods which the human body can modify into useable estrogen.

There is a very complex biological feedback loop which controls the amount of this conversion of food items – herbs – into estrogen and other hormones.
The feedback loop is controlled by the Thyroid, the Pituitary, and the Hypothalamus, all working together.
This will be covered in another article.

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