The Evanesce family of formulations are not like anything else you have ever been exposed to in the realm of hormone management.

These products, these formulations are created by way of the same processes which are used to create pharmaceutical, prescription drug products.

These formulations are not just crushed herbs in a capsule, as some un-educated web sites try to contend.

So what is it that makes the Evanesce family of formulations so very unique, and so very potent?

The Evanesce family of formulations are created by the same processes as many drugs, but without chemicals of any kind attached. (1)

The active ingredient molecules of plants and berries which have many centuries of use in managing women’s health and hormone issues, are extracted and then combined in specific ratios which research in the late 1980s showed to provide the most synergistic matings for each ingredient.

Over the past two decades of the growth of the internet, there are many TG/TS web sites which have been eager to claim that “herbs do not work to feminize a male body” Through the magic of Copy & Paste, these claims have become pervasive enough to have achieved some status as truth.

But these are ignorant (uneducated) and false claims. For many thousands of years, people believed, because they told each other, that humans could never fly in the sky with the birds. We know today that this was only true, because attempts through the years were done badly, were done without any understanding of what was truly necessary for humans to fly.

The Evanesce family of formulations were created using science, biology, and history, to provide herbal-based solutions which actually do work. And there are over 24 years of experience and feedback from people across much of the planet, to back up this statement.

Other ignorant claims, mythology, about using herbal things to feminize a male body, were based on the notion that herbs were too weak to cause any actual changes to occur.

These claims are generally followed by further ignorance stating that feminizing herbs – women’s health herbs – which were deemed as too weak to be effective in any useful way – caused massive health issues such as diverticulitis (DVT), heart attacks, chest pains, etc. Both claims simply cannot be true.

Another myth, also spread though the ‘magic’ of Copy/Paste, is that phyto-estrogens “clog up” cellular estrogen receptors and make those receptors useless. The reality is that there are chemical estrogen mimics, from various industrial pollution sources, which used to be called “pseudo-estrogen” and which today are more properly called “xeno-estrogens”, which cause this receptor clogging problem.

The world of male-body feminization knows that it is necessary to reduce testosterone levels and production, in order to initiate feminization. And yet, people who are quick to claim that “experience shows that herbs do not work to feminize”, have never also used anything to reduce their testosterone levels, along with whatever herbs they may have used for minimal periods of time, usually 60-90 days, before making their grand claims about what “works’ and what does not “work’”.

So the essential mythology about using herbs to feminize, is based on the use of the wrong or inappropriate herbs or herbal products, is based on the use of store-bought herbs of unknown potency, is based on the use of products designed for born-women’s health, and is based on using nothing to also reduce testosterone levels and production.

The Evanesce family of feminization products, have been developed to overcome all of this mythology. These formulations are created via pharmaceutical processes. They are manufactured, bottled, labeled, and safety sealed in FDA inspected facilities, following FDA rules and guidelines.

These formulations were created to work with the hormonal system, the endocrinology, of the human body.

We have over 28 years of experience and feedback with these products, with many thousands of people around most of the civilized world.

“Evanesce – The Stuff That Works!” (TM)

(1) To truly understand, we need to look at the history of prescription drug creation.

Natural products in various forms – products developed from natural growing items such as plants, trees, berries, etc. – have been used for several millenia?for the treatment of pathological conditions and/or for health benefits, all over the world.

In Europe and America, plant-derived compounds — extracts consisting of the active compounds, extracts of the molecules that are known to provide healing — are the basis of at least 25% of the existing drugs.
The most well known example of the extraordinary potency available in extracts of plants, i.e., herbs, is aspirin. Aspirin was the very first drug products ever developed.

The effects of aspirin-like substances have been known since the ancient Romans recorded the use of white willow tree bark as a fever fighter; and that chewing the bark of the white willow tree (salix alba) alleviated many of the symptoms of various sicknesses (chills and fever).

In the early 1800s, scientists and chemists developed ways to extract the active ingredients, the molecules from within white willow bark, which gave that tree bark, that herb, its healing properties.
In 1897, the German company Bayer created a compound based on synthetic, manufactured, molecules of the white willow tree. Bayer trademarked the compound naming it aspirin. Bayer was forced to give up its trademark for aspirin as one element of the treaty ending World War 2.

Through the many decades since the creation of aspirin, other trees, plants and berries had their active ingredient molecules extracted and compounded into other drugs which were patented. Many of those drugs had side effects, based on ingredients and/or on chemical compounds which had been attached to the original molecules. Some of the side effects of those drugs were severe enough that doctors needed to continually monitor the health of the patients using the products on an ongoing basis; so those products became available by prescription only.

One current created compound from drug companies, is Splenda®, which is created via processes which add two chlorine molecules to a sugar (sucrose) molecule.

Another very widely prescribed drug compound, Lipitor®, is created from Red Yeast Rice, which has been part of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Many studies show Rea Yeast Rice to be as effective as Lipitor in managing cholesterol. Red Yeast Rice is an herbal product.