Myth vs Fact When Feminizing a Body


Dong Quai is estrogen. Black Cohosh is estrogen

Neither of these herbs “are” estrogen.
Dong Quai and Black Cohosh, along with several other specific herbs, contain bio-molecules which the human body can convert into estrogen.
But of and by themselves, no herbs “are” estrogen.
How much estrogen could be gotten from ingesting these herbs, is a function of the potency and purity of the specific herbs being ingested.
But a person would have to eat hands-full, and bottle-full of these kinds of herbs every day, for many months, in order to even begin to see feminizing results from either of these, or from any other herb.

“Herbal Hormones” Do Not “Work” for Feminizing

By analogy: For hundreds of years, many men tried to build an airplane, to fly like the birds. None of them were successful.
So it was easy for many people to say,
“Flying like a bird is impossible, it will never work.”
Just because hundreds of people did it wrong, does not mean it won’t work.
When you do it properly, it will work.

There are no such thing as “herbal hormones”.
There are herbs which the human body will convert into hormones.
But if a person does not eat enough of them, nothing will happen. A person would have to eat hands full, and bottles full, of store-bought herbs every day, to get enough herbs to enable a male body to begin to femininze.
The bigger problem with people who proclaim this Myth, is that historically the people using store herbs, have virtually never used anything to block testosterone first.
So they, too quickly, decide that “herbs don’t work” for feminizing
Because they did it wrong and got no results, means nothing.

Drug hormones do not work quickly for many people, either.
Especially if nothing is also taken to block testosterone.
The “dirty secret” for drug hormone users, is that changes may not start or become visiable for MANY months. Many of them will give up, also; but none of them ever seem to say “Drugs don’t work”.

Evanesce is formulated from Standardized extracts of the active ingredients — active bio-molecules of each herb; i.e., only the good useful stuff.
Evanesce also has the most potent testosterone blockers a person can legally obtain;
All mixed in ratios which German scientists found would make each herbal extract work better than any could on their own.
Evanesce is FAR different than just crushed herbs in a capsule.
There is nothing else like this formulation.

Phyto-estrogens are “weak hormone like substances” which will obstruct Feminization; phytoestrogens will block cellular estrogen receptors, so that real estrogens can not ever work

Articles on the internet about phyto-estrogens being “weak hormone like substances” are just flatly false —
a false concept repeated over and over is still a false concept.
Information about herbal hormones “obstructing” feminization is also just flat false.

There are indeed weak estrogen-like molecule mimics, which do harm estrogen receptors — — these come from various chemical pollutants in our environment; and are properly called psuedo-estrogens;
these are more currently, correctly, called Xeno-estrogens.
These do NOT come from herbs.

Saying that herbal — natural — estrogens are “weak estrogen”, is based on a GROSS mis-interruption of writings,
mis-interruptions which have been copied from web site to web site until too many people take these comments as actual fact.

The reality is, there is no such thing as a “weak” estrogen.
There are only “weaker”, or “stronger” delivery systems for estrogen.
It is not that the estrogen is different, but that “stronger” and “weaker” are referring to the total amount of hormones available on a pill-by-pill basis.

The original comment in this vein, way back in time, was that there are more estrogen molecules in a drug estrogen pill, which means that a drug hormone pill could be considered to be “stronger”, and by comparison, that there is not nearly as much estrogen in an herbal capsule, so that capsule for capsule herb hormones could be considered “weaker”.

Our herbs are processed in a way that captures the active ingredients of each herb — — “standardized extracts” is the terminology — …which hugely overcomes this “herbal weakness” issue.

This is why Evanesce and Feminol are — by weight — clearly much “stronger” than just herbs in a bottle from a store.

This is also why a person cannot compare Evanesce or Feminol on a by-weight basis with store herbs. there is no way to compare 50mg of standardized extract, with — say — 500mg of raw herbs, which have unknown quantities of active ingredients.

Standardized extracts are clearly a much stronger delivery form for estrogen — there is FAR more estrogen, pill for pill.

And with standardized herbal extracts, your body will convert to estrogen, and use, only what it CAN use on a day-to-day basis. With drug hormones, besides knowing that your drug hormone of choice may not have estrogen molecules which are exactly the same as a human estrogen molecules; … you must also consider the fact that if there is more estrogen than your body can use each day over time, your liver and kidneys have to work overtime to get rid of the excess. The liver is not “designed” to out-process this much chemical/drug. The liver can be damaged, irreparably over time doing this work.

On the other hand, Herbal ingredients will be treated as if they are food, which indeed they are.
With herbals, the liver does not have to separate estrogen from a pill, and the liver also does not have to flush excess estrogen, later.

Phyto-estrogens can cause Breast Cancer

There has NEVER been a single case of HRT-induced breast cancer in the M2F TG/TS community. NEVER.
There are articles on various interent web sites which use this kind of story to try to scare people away from using herbs.
The one case of breast cancer in a post-op TS which I am aware of over the past 25+ years, was in a person with a family history of males who developed breast cancer.
She does not in any way blame HRT for her cancer.
For her, by her own words to me personally, the cancer was genetic.
It would have developed regardless of what she took, or did.
There are born women who develop breast cancer after taking drug estrogens;
it is fascinating — and just plain wrong — for writers to insinuate that estrogenic herbs will cause breast cancer.

Masturbation will slow the feminizing process

There is NO link between masturbation and the production and/or utilization of hormones within the human body.
Masturbation neither increases nor decreases testosterone production.

Spironolactone is a testosterone blocker, an anti-androgen.

Spironolactone is a Diuretic; i.e., = a drug developed to strip water from the human body.
Spironolactone does have an interesting side effect in a small percentage of males, of reducing testosterone levels.
The trade off is that spironolactone, can easily create major physical problems of potassium overload and dehydration.
When using spironolactone, an individual needs to consume 3-4 liters of water each day, above and beyond coffee (which is also a water-striping diuretic), soda pop, tea, etc.

If it were true that Spironolactone was “good”, valuable, for testosterone blocking, the hundreds of thousands of men who use Spironolactone for its intended purpose, as a diuretic for people who have congestive heart failure, those hundreds of thousands of men would also experience  increased impotence – difficulty achieving erection – from having their testosterone blocked, and those men would also experience breast growth, which the vast majority of born-males do not want.  “The word” would be out, among all doctors, to not use this drug on male-bodied people because of these traditionally unwanted side effects.

Commercially available breast growth creams, pills, etc., are effective for feminization of males

None of these products have any ingredients to block or to reduce testosterone production in a male body.
Most of these products DO have ingredients which, in a male body, will convert into additional testosterone.

Hormone Creams can be used to feminize a male body; to grow breasts.

There are two types of hormone creams: Estrogen creams, and Progesterone Creams
There are two strengths of hormone creams: over-the-counter, and Prescription.
There cannot be enough estrogen in any given finger-tip full of these over-the-counter creams
to substantially affect a male body in any way.
Testosterone must be reduced in order to feminize; estrogen creams cannot do that job.
Progesterone in the male body is the precursor of testosterone; progesterone becomes testosterone.
People who claim feminization results from these creams,
are getting feminizing results in spite of the creams, not because of the creams.