Overcoming the Myths about Herbal Feminization

It seems to be a common belief in the M2F TG/TS world, that “herbs do not work to feminize a male bodied person”.

Let’s analyze that myth, before we understand this program and these products.

Everytime someone posts anywhere that herbs don’t work to grow breasts,”
they NEED to be challenged with the question “WHICH herbs do not work?”
WHICH herbs have they tried, at what dosage, and for how long?

The answer will inevitably be that they used, or “know someone” who used
dong quai, and/or black cohosh, even in “500mg capsules,”(uhhh — wow??) for maybe 6  to 8 weeks, or less.
As if these two herbs somehow *are* estrogen; which they are not.

And because of certain advertising into the transgender communities,
those people are likely also to be taking Fenugreek;
at daily dosages SO insanely high that they are having serious stomach and digestive problems.

Saw Palmetto may or may not be useful toward helping a born-woman to grow her breasts larger,
in a male body person — i.e., a person with testicles — Saw Palmetto will NEVER cause breast growth.

If Saw Palmetto were able to cause breast growth for a male bodied person,
every male who uses Saw Palmetto for prostate health,
would be also growing breasts, wanted or not.
“The word” would be out there on this unwanted side effect of healing the prostate.

So essentially, virtually everyone passing along the myth that herbs “do not work for feminization,”
have come to that conclusion by using the wrong herbs, at the wrong dosage, and for too little of an amount of time..

For many centuries, “everyone” knew that mankind could never fly in the sky.
Until someone — the Wright Brothers — showed that if you do it Correctly, it can happen.

Edison’s electric light bulb, Tesla’s three phase AC, Tesla’s radio and radio control inventions —
all showed that these things were indeed possible, despite the people claiming these things impossible, IF THEY WERE DONE PROPERLY.

The only way to feminize with herbs, before Evanesce and Feminol,
was to consume bottles-full, and hands-full, of specific and correct herbs, every day.

With Evanesce and Feminol, we use Standardized Extracts, and also concentrated extracts of herbs, to overcome the necessity of eating bottles-full of herbs daily.