Let’s talk about Stress.

It is common to develop feelings of wanting to become female after long periods of not really having gender related thoughts, especially if you are in a stressful environment. Stress will knock your hormones WAY out of balance.

If you’re enduring any long term stressors right now, you would benefit by taking a very good, plant based, Vitamin “B” Complex, and taking it at a slightly higher then recommended daily dosage. This alone will help to reduce some of the stress damage your body is experiencing.

Thinking about whether you should see a therapist prior to purchasing/ingesting something that could alter your body’s chemistry? ┬áIf your body was hungry, would you benefit more from eating appropriate food, or from talking to someone about your hunger?

I am not suggesting that you not to see your therapist for other issues, though. We do this business, we make these products available to help people who are serious about wanting to overcome specific physical and emotional issues in their lives.

People who would prefer to just talk to someone about being “hungry”, are not going to use the products properly, anyway.