Vitamin “B” Complex

I am not allowed to advertise the brand name of these tablets, but please do understand that we believe these are THE very best, natural source, “B” Complex vitamins on the market at any price.

Many people have written that adding a good herbal B-Vitamin Complex to their daily Evanesce/Feminol routine seems to help them to think more clearly, and helps everything in their life to work better. In addition, there is a significant link between healthy estrogen levels and B-Vitamin levels.

Stress and sugar in particular, quickly deplete the body’s B-Vitamins stores, leaving you feeling always exhausted, unable to function well or even to cope with life’s challenges; some people describe this feeling as a perpetual hangover feeling.

The typical American diet does not provide the extraordinarily important B-Vitamins which are crucial to daily functioning.

These capsules provide a full spectrum of the B-Complex vitamins (including niacin), which are necessary to support proper nervous system function, cardiovascular health, and management of fatigue and tension.

(These can even help to take away a hangover!)

300 tablets per bottle, usage recommendation is 3 tablets per day.

NOTE: – FDA disclaimer – The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration(FDA).These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent a disease; but rather are dietary supplements intended for nutritional support.