Weight Loss

March 1, 2017

I am often asked how to loose weight and get that girlish figure. Tracy-O has shared her weight loss journey on the MyEvanesce forum and we thought it would be helpful to share with you here.  Here’s some of what she’s shared:

Its very hard for everyone to loose weight, and there are many reasons.

I was morbidly obese when I decided to give Evanesce and Feminol a try.  Actually, I waited until I was closer to 200 pounds than 300 pounds before starting.  Now I am safely well under 200 pounds, though still not where I want to be (130 pounds – I’m 5′-4″).  What I think has happened for me is that as the fat was burning off from diet and exercise, it was leaving this female figure behind.  Not that the fat was “moving around” – it seems more like my body was transforming from a fat male body to a fit female body…  Did that make any sense?

Anyways, if weight is a problem for you, than that is a sign that you have a normal to slow metabolism.  Folks who have a normal to slow metabolism should take their dose divided between meals.  Such as half with breakfast and the other have with dinner.  Since AndroEase and Calm Companion should be taken with your evening meal anyway, that makes it pretty easy.  Just take your Evanesce and all or half your Feminol with your breakfast.

Weight loss will be an issue I will have to deal with for the rest of my life.  I realize this.  Even after I reach my goal, I will have to continue doing the things that got me there in order to stay there.

There are only five rules you need follow in order to take weight off and keep it off.

    • Rule #1) Get enough exercise – a brisk one hour walk every day as many days per week you can (at least five) will do that.
    • Rule #2) Eat healthy – counting calories is important, but don’t forget to make the calories count.
    • Rule #3) Drink enough water – at least two liters of pure, filtered unflavored water every day.
    • Rule #4) Get enough sleep – between seven and nine hours every night.
    • Rule #5) Stick to it!

It helps to know what weight your healthy BMI [Body Mass Index] is – and strive to get down to that.  At 5′-6″, your healthy weight is 136 pounds.  This is not impossible, I lost over 125 pounds.  It took me three years to do it, but I did it – and so can you.  Just follow those five rules.

Starting tomorrow, go for a 30 minute walk every day (rain or shine) for the next two weeks…  Now I’m not talking about a leisurely pace mind you, you need to build up a sweat.  Do your best not to miss a day.  But if you do miss a day, make up for the time you missed.  You can make up for the time by adding 10 minutes per day to the following days until the time is made up.  Keep track of this on your calendar.

After two weeks, make it a 45 minute walk every day.

Also starting tomorrow, give up all soda for at least 30 days.  Drink all the water you can stand – as long as it is at least 2 liters per day.  If you don’t have a filter pitcher, get one.  But don’t use that as an excuse not to drink water, you can still drink tap water until you get a filter pitcher.

Also starting tomorrow, keep track of what you eat every day.  And I do mean everything.  You will be using that list to figure out what you have been doing wrong and where you can make adjustments to improve your diet.  Before each meal, drink a half liter of water.

Prepare for a big surprise after 30 days.

There have been several good reliable studies done that show bicycling and/or brisk walking are better at flattening the tummy than crunches.  Though crunches are better for giving you “six-pack” abs, I am not interested in having those.  None of the women I know – and think look great – have six pack abs.  I can tell everyone from my own personal experience in my own weight loss efforts that the doctors advice is correct – it works.  Eat less, eat healthy and exercise more – no machines are required.

There is no magic pill or potion (or machine) that will take care of fat in a specific area of the body.  The human body doesn’t work that way.  There is no magic pill or potion that actually works to loose weight for that matter – not without eating less and exercising more…  And guess what?  If you eat less and exercise more you will loose weight anyways, with or without those magic pills or potions.

Anyways, the secret to weight loss is the amount of calories burned has to exceed the amount of calories consumed.  Its that simple.  The best advice you can get is don’t give up.  Set your goal weight (a reasonable and healthy weight for your height) and keep trying till you reach it.  Choose a goal weight that is right in the middle between your minimum healthy weight and your maximum healthy weight.  If you don’t know what that really should be talk to your doctor.  Then, break it down into smaller goals and write that smaller goal down on your fridge, vanity mirror or where ever you can see it every day.  Once you reach your smaller goal, change it to the next smaller goal and keep going till you reach your main goal.

Hope this iformation helps.