What Can I Add for Faster Results?

Female body shaping is caused by estrogen.
Hips, thighs, etc., and buttock become more rounded, more female in shape,
are all because of fatty deposits, fat redistribution, which is caused by elevated estrogen levels.

Breast growth is caused by elevated estrogen levels.
Breast growth is a combination of fatty tissue and the development of various ducts and glands.

Your body’s hormones, including elevated levels of estrogen, are carried everywhere
your body’s blood system goes; i.e., everywhere.

There is no such thing as estrogen for hips, separate from estrogen for breasts.

The challenge for feminizing, then, is about whether to use drug estrogen or herbal-source estrogen.

And understanding that there are significant health dangers attached to the use of drug estrogens
(or else they would not be prescription items, requiring somewhat frequent doctor checkups
to make certain they are not causing damage to organs such as kidney and liver, etc.)

am I going to have to get HRT estrogen and Spironolactone if I really want the bodyshape? or is this just a patience game?

There is no reason ever, to use spironolactone.
There are many reasons to NOT use it;
it is NOT a feminizing drug, and it can cause much damage to your body,
regardless of the junk “science” about it on the internet TG/TS web sites.

I started adding a little extra licorice and Black Cohosh on my own with some hot flash herbs from the vitamin shop. just in the last few weeks

You are wasting your money to take these.

For those people reading this article who are unaware,
this discussion is about the herb called licorice, not the candy called licorice.

Too much licorice intake has side effects which include fluid retention, *high blood pressure*, and potassium loss if taken at excessive dosages.
Signs of overdose include: headache, facial puffiness, ankle swelling, weakness, and lethargy.

The licorice ingredient in Feminol is enough to be effective, without causing overdose side effects.
It is a health mistake to add licorice to what you are taking.

You are already getting plenty of Black Cohosh from the Evanesce-ES and the Feminol;
the Black Cohosh component of those formulations is a very potent standardized extract of that herb;
which means you are getting the “good stuff”, the active ingredient molecules of Black Cohosh
instead of just eating crushed leaves and stems.
It is a waste of money and time to add store-bought Black Cohosh to these formulations.

“Hot flash herbs”, which include products such as Estroven,
do not have enough estrogen to do anything to feminize the male body.

Because our formulations are created using many standardized extracts and concentrated extracts of various herbs, the most cost effective way to get faster results is to just increase daily intake dosages of Evanesce and Feminol.

Adding other herbs and products, will not make these formulations work any better, and will just be a waste of your money. And, adding other herbs and/or products can upset the synergystic balance ratios of the herbs in the formulations.