What Is Hormone Imbalance?

Hormone imbalance from excessive testosterone is the cause of many psychological problems. Excessive testosterone levels and production sometimes can cause your body to cry out for less testosterone, and more estrogen, and then for something to bring these two hormones within a tolerable ratio of each other.

Excessive testosterone levels can even cause born-males to want to be female at times, or fantasize about being feminine some day, then flip-flop to feeling like a born-male “normal” on other days. It’s a swinging pendulum that scrambles the functioning of your brain cells and can make you question your sanity. Just taking more testosterone will not fix this imbalance.

Excessive testosterone levels in your body can cause you to want to become a woman, simply because AS a woman, your body believes it will have the increased estrogen and lower testosterone levels it knows it needs in order to function properly.

So what if you could bring down your testosterone levels, and elevate your estrogen levels, WITHOUT having to actually become a woman and WITHOUT all the potential losses and problems which actually becoming a woman, could cause for you? THAT is part of the specific science behind Evanesce-ES, Feminol 2.0,and the AndroEase plus CalmCompanion products.

Feminol2.0 is especially valuable for those people who — after hormone balancing has been achieved — STILL desire to transition toward becoming full time permanent women.

Our other products are created to help you to have a more healthy body; to help you to recover from the ravages of the immense stress you have been under while trying to deal with this conundrum.

The products work best when they are used on a consistent, every day basis; whether the individual feels like taking them on a particular day or not. These products need to be used at a reasonable and appropriate dosages, to consistently help you control your own body’s hormone imbalance.

The daily usage amount necessary for hormone balancing, is much less than the daily usage amount necessary to feminize the male body, once change in balance have been achieved.